Creative Services

Take a look at the creative services provided by Nishtha Institute of Skill Development

Creative services are a subsector of the creative industries, a part of the economy that creates wealth by offering creativity for hire to other businesses. Creative Services also means a department within a company that does creative work such as writing, designing, and production.

Like lawyers and accountants in the professional services sector, creative services firms sell a specialised technical service to satisfy the needs of companies that do not have this expertise themselves.

 Creative services firms provide creative services to other companies or to the public: they ‘do creativity’ to order.

Typical business models revolve around selling the time of skilled professionals, either on a project-by-project basis, or through a service level agreement and providing services on an ongoing basis for a fixed monthly fee.

 Nishtha Institute of Skill Development Pvt. Ltd, has been training Creative Professionals for years. Our training courses are spread across all forms of creative designing fields. Hence, it has been a result of our recent decision to utilise our training facilities and the human resources developed by us, in a way that affects other organizations and individuals as well.

 Therefore, we have launched the Creative Sector that is at present focussed on Still and Moving designs. To be more precise, we are focussing our service upon Graphic Designing, Interior Designing and Video Editing.

 The services are designed to be able to act as B2B support systems for other small and medium companies and also individuals who require instant creative service assistance.