Embrace the change Globally, take the Strides Digital-ly

The Business World has undergone drastic changes over centuries. But the secret behind moving ahead, lies with them who step beyond the convention.

The only way around is through.

Robert Frost

It is the basic character of the business world to take rides through various turmoils at different points of time. The crises can vary from being by-products of human action or being generated by natural unrest. Be it a Global Recession or a Severe Pandemic, the way out emerges through proper implementation of the possible resources. Although most of the business world has been through economic crises before, the present situation brings in real challenging times. In spite of entrepreneurs and firms adapting and bouncing back, the shock ripping through the business world is daunting. As per leading columns, countries accounting for over 50% of world GDP in lockdown, the collapse in commercial activity is far more severe than previous recessions. The exit path from lockdown has to be precariously initiated, with completely unique mode of operation. The way upwards from this trough lies greatly in the smart marketing moves to be taken by companies and firms. Since the inception of entrepreneurial initiatives, a major role has been played by the concept of ‘Marketing’. A very simple word, deriving its meaning from Latin ‘Mercatus’, has undergone various changes, since its origin, but has inevitably remained at the very heart of booming businesses. Be it a start-up or an ongoing business, whenever the need to expand arises, people look up to unique and innovative marketing strategies.

History has witnessed the evolving spree of marketing, starting with ‘Gutenberg’s metal movable type, leading to mass-production of flyers and brochures’ in 1450 to ‘Use of handbills and posters’ in the Elizabethan era. Jumping on to ‘Paid advertising in a newspaper or on a billboard ’in 1836 to ‘Radio advertising’ in the 1920s.The 21st Century brought with it the epoch-making change in the conventional marketing concept, with the emergence of ‘Social Media’ such as MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. As per scholars, the 21st century became known as ‘The Information Age’ due to the hope that global communication technologies would spur the spread of liberal democracy and usher in an era of unprecedented cooperation among nations.

As quoted by the famous American author and business executive Seth W. Godin, “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” Hence comes the need of effective use and the appropriate execution of ideas through the newly generated platform at play. ‘Digital Marketing’ became the utmost need of the hour, in order to reach the maximum number of people through the most widely accessed medium, the Internet. It has been observed that there has been a startling rise in the growth rate of Online Marketing, in the past few years. Which clearly indicates towards the fact that the competition to thrive through the changes, is at an all-time high. This competitive environment brings about the real test of Entrepreneurship, to attract limelight in the business world.

Although people become aware of a company or brand through strategized online promotions and advertisements, often companies obliviate the need to connect with the potential consumers and to share their story.

Sharing a story is mostly connected with the ambience and the background of the storyteller. For instance, a company that is sharing its story with its viewers, want them to know the in and out of the services or the products it is famous for. A major part of this process includes visual and creative effects. Hence, we at NISD want to help those storytellers in bringing out the best of themselves. Digital Marketing is offered as a course to help marketers know the nuances and hence strategize accordingly, how they want to present their story. Also, our latest introduction into the field of Creative Services, provide small and medium companies or new startups to execute their visions into stunning graphic and video presentations. These work as the structural formation for the marketing and promotional sector of a company that desires to move ahead and make a mark in the business world.

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