Introduction of French Language Sector

Posted on: September 12, 2020 Last Updated on: October 17, 2020

Nishtha Institute of Skill Development Pvt. Ltd introduces a new Diploma course in French Language.

Overview of the Course

NISD is happy to introduce a diploma course in French Language, first time in North Kolkata. As known to all of us that English is considered as the most important language for international usage and for official purposes. Following English, French is the second most used and appreciated language throughout the world.

It has also been noticed that most people with a generic grasp of English, are very quick to learn and master the French language. In light of the present situation, where digital platform has widened our scopes and opportunities, it is believed that learning a new language will be beneficial for students and professionals, seeking to extend their horizons. Also, due to an extensive growth in the education and the job sectors of France and French based organizations, this course will be a leverage to the career prospect for interested individuals.

What does the sector comprise of?

The French Language sector has been initiated by highly experienced team members and faculties, whose expertise in the particular language sector is highly admirable.

There are two major divisions of the French Language department:

Short Term Workshops

Multiple workshops are designed for first time learners, in order to introduce them with the basic idea and concept of the Language. The workshops are held for a very short duration within the time span of a fortnight. Interactive and Informative, the workshops are fun to attend.

Diploma Course

A diploma course is for the overall learning of the Language, divided into respective segments. The course duration is long, compared to the Workshops. Generally, a time span of about 1-2 years is taken for completion of the course. On successful completion of the course, students are eligible to sit for certificate examinations and to receive Diploma from the French Ministry of Education, based on their respective performances.