Re-opening of Institutes

Posted on: October 2, 2020

This is for the general information of all students and followers of NISD, that Nishtha Institute of Skill Development is all prepped up to re-open its physical establishments from the second week of October, 2020.

New system of Functioning

NISD will be re-opening its physical establishment of South Sinthee, at the moment. With time we will also be opening our second institute at Kankurgachi.

The timings for the Institute to function will vary from what it was before closing down due to Lockdown. The Head office at South Sinthee will be functional only for one half of a day, either first half or second half based on requirements and on alternative pattern.

Students are welcome to start coming to classes, but if anyone is unwilling to do so, they may continue the online classes as before.

Student counts will be monitored and there will be a certain restriction on the number of students per class, due to Covid-19 risk factors.

Utmost Hygiene shall be maintained at all times. Facilities for Sanitization will be present at the Institute.

We hope, a new start with new adaptations post Lockdown will be beneficial for all.

For any queries or clarifications please contact our official number +91 87777-61198 or email us at [email protected].