Temporary Closing of Institutes

Posted on: August 31, 2020

As per Covid-19 Guidelines issued from the Central and State Governments, we have temporarily kept our Institutes closed. But Online classes proceed as usual.

Present Scenario of Functioning

As per present situations, it is mandatory to keep our physical establishments situated at South Sinthee and Kankurgachi, temporarily closed for all students and team members.

Although, the functioning of the institute has not been stopped completely. We are conducting all our classes and official tasks, through the digital platform. All classes are being held over Zoom or Google Meet, and is open for all existing students as well as for new students to register. All our communications are being conveyed through Social media platforms, from our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. All individual communications are being conducted through whats app, and for all official purposes our email is always active.

Expected resuming of physical establishments

It is being highly expected that as soon as the Covid-19 situation in India is brought under control, we will be able to re-open our physical establishments, for the students and the team members.

Even after resuming of our institutes, our online classes will continue to take place. Keeping in mind the safety and health of all our associates, it will be upon respective individuals to take the decision of continuing through digital platform or to visit our institutes. In these trying times, extensive cooperation is expected from all our associates. We hope to overcome the situation soon, and to walk together in the path of development.