An Institute that covers all your Learning needs, from Students to Professionals.

Guided by Highly Experienced Teachers.

Kickstart Your Career with NISD

Kick start Your Career with NISD

Nishtha Institute of Skill Development combines traditional values with modern developments. We not only focus on teaching a particular subject, rather emphasize on the overall growth of our students. Each course is designed in an interactive manner to prepare the learner for the job market, with guidance from experts in each field.

Internships and Job Campusings are general takeaways after effective completion of the courses. Informative Webinars and collaborations are something we vouch for.

We have also initiated B2B services for some selected sectors and free Career Counselling sessions are something we are happy to provide.

How NISD Helps You Move Ahead in Life

All our team members are extremely dedicated and experienced in what they do best. A brief introduction from the administration will clear your vision about your journey ahead with us.

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