Consultancy Services

Take a look at the consultancy services provided by NISD

As per Britannica’s definition summarized, a Consultancy ‘is a company that gives professional advice to others for a fee’.

In today’s Digital World, job search has become extremely easy and efficient for all those looking to establish a career.

However, there are certain aspects that cause a major gap between a recruiting company and a potential employee, and that is proper approach at the proper destination.

This is where comes the need for Consultancy Services which provide complete Human Resource and Staffing Solutions for both the recruiting companies and the job seekers.

NISD Pvt. Ltd, has been training Professionals for years. Our training courses are spread across all forms of computer and technology based fields. Hence, it has been a result of our recent decision to utilise our training facilities in order to develop the potential human resources in a way that helps other organizations and individuals as well.

Therefore, we have launched the Consultancy Sector that is at present focussed on Placement & Interview preparations of willing candidates and to enhance them technically. To be more precise, we are focussing our service upon developing an all-rounder candidate who perfectly fits the ever-growing demand of the job market.

The services are designed to be able to act as B2B support systems for other small, medium & large companies and especially for individuals who require assistance and support for getting ready for their future career.