Our Story

Checkout the amazing story behind Nishtha Institute of Skill Development

Nishtha Institute of Skill Development Pvt. Ltd, was initiated with a Vision of providing quality education to students, seeking true knowledge. Over the years we have gone through various changes, but our vision remains the same. 

The Institute started its journey in the year 1992, as National School of Computer Education. The computer was a recent invention back then, and being able to impart the knowledge to others was one of the greatest achievements on our way of moving forward.

With continuous developments in the education sector, NISD has evolved. At present we have made considerable changes within our service frame. We believe it is always required for teachers and institutes to cultivate a student’s learning needs, in order to bring them to perfection. But again, the learning need has to arise from the student themselves. Hence, Nishtha Institute provides an all-round option to the students, in order to decide for themselves which path they want to travel by.

We offer all major courses differing in fields and sectors but aimed at one single motive, i.e to develop a student in order to be ready for a career that suits them best.

Also to mention, in the year 2020, amidst the turmoil of Covid-19 and Worldwide Lockdown, we have initiated two new sectors, precisely “French Language Sector” and “B2B Service Sector” along with with “Free Career Counselling Sessions”. 

It is our pleasure to be able to extend courses of “Computer Application” to “Advanced level of Programming” moving on to the world of numbers through “Financial Accounting”. Our creative sector includes courses from “Graphic Designing and Creative Direction” to the blueprint of “Website Development”.

Our Personal Development courses include “Professional Communicative English”, combining with the Marketing sector through “Digital Marketing”.

The list is one which continues, but the question lies in what you choose. Just like the greatness of God is best known from his Devotees. Similarly, an Institute can only be known from its students.