Celebrating the future that turned into reality

It was years ago when we were kids or teenagers or some even on the verge of adulthood, when popular TV shows portrayed certain aspects that made us think what the future might look like. Sitting at that time, it felt weird to even imagine something that was being forecasted as a near future. It was quite tough to believe what Doraemon or Kiteretsu might have tried to portray or what even the Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs might have mentioned, “Having your favourite teacher with you for 24*7. But the striking fact remains that all of what might have been just projections or imaginations, are a reality today. All of which seemed impossible, are the glaring present that we are living right now.

Here, I am trying to speak about the entire concept of ‘Remote Learning’, and how it has affected our lives and might continue to do so in the coming days. Although it might have been discussed tons of times, despite which I decide to go around rambling, so that a bit something else might be spoken about it.

Let us first go through how the dots were joined, although not fully planned, but somehow it worked out. Let’s start with the invention of the nano tube, which got much much developed and complicated in order to fit it within a smaller version. Offices and Educational institutes installed them for their people to become more efficient and learn better. Now the smaller version, known as a PC, had to go through more of such changes in order to be handy and portable, so that the students or the employees could carry them back and forth from office to home or from home to college. And at present, with a swift blow of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world got compelled to reverse the roles and to fit in the entire economy, from offices to education to food and almost the entire lifestyle of the human race, into the devices that were meant to make human lives easier. The devices known as Computers, Laptops, or similar Mobile devices, have actually served their intended purpose. They have actually made human lives simpler.

Today, when I am writing about this, I don’t have to have the basic knowledge about what is happening just outside my room, or my house, but I can gather knowledge about the world, and also share what I intend to, with potential readers, who are in a similar position as me. Today, it is not necessary for us to go out into the world, on the roads, fearing an invisible virus that might affect us anytime, through anyone. Today, is the future that brings to us almost ‘all we need’. Today is the imagination that comes true, where learning and earning, both can be done from the comforts of our beds or the cosy couch in the corner of the room.

The celebration here is not of the deadly virus that compelled us to do what we are doing at present. Rather, the celebration is of the fact that Humans can do what is needed, when it is needed, in order to continue life, to continue learning, to continue growing. It is the students we must celebrate, that are being able to get the double benefit of a school degree along with ample scope of being home tutored. It must be the celebration of the people, who can utilize their idle time, in order to learn maybe a bit of music, or writing, or a bit of everything that is going around. Hence, we must celebrate what we have made possible, what was somewhat existent for some time, but never thought of to be a compulsory option, but is a changemaker for the world.

In the next portion of the blog post (coming soon), I shall be discussing more about the pros and cons of Remote Learning.

Featured image courtesy: Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

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